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Fender Unveils the Mod Shop

An experience that provides consumers with the ability to design their dream guitar by choosing from a wide variety of customizable options.

Burbank, CA (June 14, 2016) -- Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) debuts the new Fender Mod Shop, an immersive digital studio experience providing consumers with the ability to design their dream guitar by choosing from a wide variety of customizable options. Known as the world’s leading musical instrument manufacturer, Fender developed Mod Shop in response to the rapidly increasing demand for personalization and modified instruments in the guitar marketplace.

“We are excited to launch the new fully customizable Fender Mod Shop, which is an organic next step in our continued commitment to accompany players on their musical journey,” said Andy Mooney, CEO Fender Musical Instruments Corp. “The more comfortable you are with your guitar, the better you play. Mod Shop grants you the ability and convenience to create a factory-manufactured model truly tailored to your personal preferences. With Mod Shop, you get exactly what you want, in every way.”

Fender Mod Shop will allow players to select the look, feel, and sound of their instrument by choosing from one of four Fender models—the Telecaster®, Stratocaster®, Precision Bass® or Jazz Bass. Players will then modify their selection online with a curated menu of options such as body color, pickups, pickguard material, fingerboard, hardware color and style, bridge and orientation to create a factory-customized model truly tailored to their personal preferences. Cosmetic options include nine body colors, such as Candy Apple Red, Daphne Blue, Surf Green and two of Fender’s popular Sunburst shades. Upon completion, orders are built to the desired specification in Fender’s Corona, CA based factory and shipped out within 30 days.

Fender partnered with Oakland-based e-commerce software developer Fluid to develop an easy-to-navigate and visually rich purchase experience for consumers. Their software platform, Fluid Configure 3.0, powers the Mod Shop, giving consumers a simple journey enhanced by high-fidelity 3D modeling, which allows musicians to see their custom design from all angles, as they build it.

“Consumers are seeking something different,” said Kent Deverell, Founder and CEO of Fluid. “They want the iconic Fender brand but also what no one else has, the Mod Shop says, ‘you can instantaneously have literally thousands of variations of our products to get exactly what you want’. Giving consumers this power in a rich visual environment is the ultimate in personalization and puts creativity into their hands.”

Available starting June 14, Fender Mod Shop will be available both online and via mobile devices, with base models starting from $1,649.99 - $1,799.99. All pricing will vary depending on base model and selected modifications chosen throughout the design process. Consumers can also purchase in-store with a personal consultation from their favorite dealer.

Players begin by selecting their preferred model, including:

  • Telecaster – Authentic, classic Fender sound with 8 configurable features
  • Stratocaster – The tone heard ‘round the world with 9 configurable features
  • Precision Bass – The sound of revolution with 5 configurable features
  • Jazz Bass – Tone to soothe the soul with 5 configurable features


  • Two orientation options: Left-handed or right-handed
  • Two colors/body materials: Ash with burst finishes or Alder on solid color finishes **Body Material dependant upon the color**
  • Nine body color options: Black, Vintage Blonde, Olympic White, Lake Placid Blue, 2-Color Sunburst, 3-Color Sunburst, Candy Apple Red, Daphne Blue and Surf Green
  • Two fingerboard options: Maple or Rosewood
  • Six pickguard materials: 1-Ply Gold Anodized, 4-Ply Tortoise Shell, 4-Ply Aged White Pearl, 3-Ply Mint Green, 3-Ply Parchment and 3-Ply Black
  • Pickup options: – **will vary depending on model**
  • Telecaster - Texas Special, 4th Generation Noiseless™, Vintage 1952 Tele®, American Series
  • Stratocaster – American Series - optional Shawbucker, 4th Generation Noiseless - optional Shawbucker, Texas Special
  • Precision Bass – Pure Vintage ’58 P Bass, Pure Vintage ’63 P Bass, American Series P Bass
  • Jazz Bass – Pure Vintage ’64 J Bass, 4th Generation Noiseless, American Series J Bass
  • Two tuning machine options: American Standard and Modern Locking (American Standard only for Basses)
  • Two bridge options: American Standard and American Deluxe (American Standard only for Basses)
  • Two hardware color options: Chrome and Gold (Chrome only for Basses)
  • Strings: 0.009-0.042 for Guitars; 0.045-0.105 for Basses
  • Case: Black ABS Molded

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:
Fender Mod Shop

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