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Fishman Users Unite

Company Amps up its Networking Tools

Wilmington, MA (September 4, 2007) – Fishman is making a splash with an array of user-focused web offerings. The company recently launched “True Life – True Live,” a website designed to connect musicians via their passion for music which is, of course, amplified by Fishman products. “True Life – True Live” is like two microsites in one: True Life hosts interactive features allowing everyday players to tell their stories about the music they play. True Live is the best place on the web to go to for updates on Fishman artists (Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Buddy Guy and many more) and the music they play using Fishman pickups, preamps, toneshaping products and amplifiers.

Fishman has also launched a new MySpace site and a YouTube channel, giving the innovative electronics manufacturer even more ways to connect and interact with the company, popular artists and each other.

Fishman is a key innovator and manufacturer of acoustic amplification products. The company has one of the guitar world’s most impressive lists of artists who use their products... something driven by the quality of the products alone, not incentives. Fishman pickups can be found in a number of high-end instruments, including Martin, Fender and Taylor guitars. The company’s Aura Acoustic Imaging Technology products are becoming as synonymous with quality acoustic performance as its famous pickups and preamps. More recently, Fishman amplifiers have blazed trails in acoustic amplification for their range and power.

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