See even more of PG''s pedalboards!

"Jesse Beauchamp uses two pedalboards, wet and dry, with his rig. The signal chain for the dry board (right) is an original Fulltone, Electro-Harmonix H.O.G and 6-way controller/expression pedal, Electro-Harmonix Q-Tron+, FullTone Full-Drive 2. Way Huge Pork Loin, first year Ibanez TS9, Analog Man-modded Ibanez TS9 reissue, modded Ross Distortion, Analog Man Bi-Compressor, Fulltone Clyde Standard wah (modded with red Fasel inductor from Dallas Arbitor Wah Baby), Boss Stereo Volume (with Korg OT-12 tuner in tuner out. The path then takes a mono line to his wet board (left) with the following signal chain: Electro-Harmonix Memory Man with Hazari left out to a Ross Stereo Delay, FoxRox ProVibe with handle #35, right to a DLS Roto Sim, treble horn out to a modded Vox AC30CC head. Bass drum out of the Roto Sim goes to a Boss RC-20 looper into a Radial Big Shot passive ABY left to a Music Man Sixty Five Reverb head and right to 1979 Fender Deluxe Reverb 112. The wooden box between boards with button relay is speed control for a Type 147 Leslie with missing power supply. Rock on."