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Take a walk through this brief historical photo gallery which outlines the beginnings and design progression of the Rickenbacker guitars that rocked the world. Photos and captions by Ron O''Keefe

1961 рNew Capriс 365 in Fireglo
"This guitar is a very clean example of the New Capri design. It also features the then-new Acуcent Vibrola, a unit by which the player could move the strings up and down, instead of side-to-side as was the case with the Kauffman unit. The Acуcent quickly replaced the Kauffman as the standard Rickenbacker vibrola. This guitar is a few serial numbers away from the iconic guitar of the same style (with round instead of oven knobs) featured on the cover of рRickenbacker: Pioneer of the Electric Guitar,с the book published by Rittor Music."