A hybrid booster designed to enhance the tonal and dynamic properties of your guitar.

Dino's Guitars Dynabox
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Recorded with a Burns Steer Cutaway and a Fender Deluxe
Continuing their commitment to exceptional tone and craftsmanship, Alessio Casati and Andreas Bagnasco have created the Dino’s Dynabox, a hybrid booster designed to enhance the tonal and dynamic properties of your guitar. Like all Dino’s pedals, the Dynabox features a lightweight aluminum chassis, mixed PCB and point-to-point wiring and true bypass switching. The controls are a single Gain knob and a mini toggle switch that varies between a clean tone with a hint of compression and a bit of crunch.

Placed between a Vox AC30 and a recent Fender Stratocaster, with the gain set to 9 o’clock and the mini-toggle switch on the cleaner setting, the sound took on a nice compressed punch that worked great for both funk-style rhythm and country-style chicken picking. Switching the mini-toggle to its dirty side unleashed a nice hint of breakup that works great for classic rock and blues.

The Dynabox brings out the character in different instruments impressively. It reacted particularly well to single coiled instruments: a Strat, a reissue Telecaster, a ‘63 Dano Baritone, and even a vintage seventies Fender Musicmaster Bass. Unfortunately, the Dynabox was a little muddy when coupled with humbuckers, and wasn’t able to get completely clean in either setting. With a hair of treble boost on the amp, though, the lack of clean actually made for a nice alternative overdrive sound.

Though it’s a more dedicated pedal, the Dynabox could be a nice addition to your overall sound. If you’re looking for a booster with a lot of headroom and its own character, check it out. – SS
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you want a booster with a lot of headroom and a little bit of grit.
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you need a booster that gets super clean.
MSRP $170 - Dino’s Guitars - dinosguitars.com

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