A selection of electric guitars entering their seventh decade.

1959 Fender Custom Telecaster #40771
In mid-1959, Fender introduced lavishly appointed new versions of its original solidbodies: the Telecaster and Esquire. The models were named "Custom Telecaster" and "Custom Esquire" (perhaps influenced by Gibson's Les Paul Custom). These guitars retained the basic characteristics and functions of the standard versions while showing a polished, classy new look. This month's guitar has the classic appointments of a late 1959 Custom Telecaster, which include an alder body finished in 3- color sunburst, white binding around the top and back, a three-ply greenish pickguard, and a gold Fender logo with "Custom Telecaster" written below. The rest of the features match those of a standard late-1959 Telecaster: a "slab board" rosewood fingerboard with clay dots, a slim neck profile, and single line Kluson Deluxe tuning machines. Credit: Tim Mullally & Dave Rogers, Dave's Guitar Shop, La Crosse, WI.

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