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GALLERY: Eric Clapton's 2011 Crossroads Centre Auction Highlights

Highlights from Clapton''s March 2011 auction of 150+ guitars and amps to benefit the Crossroads Centre Antigua

1988/89 Soldano SLO-100/Pete Cornish guitar routing system/effects rack
"After trying Mark Knopflerуs boutique Soldano amp, Clapton ordered a pair of SLO-100 heads to be custom-built in California by Michael Soldano in 1988. The Soldano heads were modified to form the heart of a massive guitar routing system, designed and hand-built by the British engineer extraordinaire Pete Cornish, it defined Claptonуs guitar sound between 1989 to 1993, the 24 Nights period. This system allowed Clapton to recreate exactly his studio guitar sound, through his Marshall cabinets, on stage, rather than having to rely on sound processing through the PA system. The entire system from the wireless transmitters that were once attached to Claptonуs Versace guitar straps, and the 9 button foot-controller, to the purpose-made mains power distributor, multi-core cables, the massive rack unit housing Cornishуs routing system, the control centre of the system, as well as the rack-mount signal processors including the Dyno-My-Piano Tri-Stereo Chorus, and the EV loaded Marshall cabinets are sold as an entire set-up, flight-cased and ready to go. Est. $7,500-10,000 Copyright ╘ 2002-2010 Bonhams 1793 Ltd., Images and Text All Rights Reserved"