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GALLERY: Guitar of The Month 2010

A fresh look at the 12 guitars featured in PG''s monthly Guitar of the Month column in 2010.

February - Cassandra Elk Designs Vootar
"The Vootar is half bass, half guitar and all German design and craftsmanship. Itуs a combination of famed artist, musician and producer Klaus Voormanуs eye for design (he also designed the Beatlesу Revolver cover) and luthier Stuart Malcolm Bilcockуs ability to transform Voormanуs idea from pen and paper to bass and guitar. The Vootar has eight strings (top four are bass and bottom four are guitar), six pickups and two stereo inputs, so you can play bass and guitar at the same time. The front pickup responds to all eight strings. The middle and rear pickups separate the two sets of instrument strings so they can be activated with mini-switches in three different positions. All the pickups except the neck are custom-made and handwound by Harry H┼usel of H┼usel Pickups, and the guitar features custom-made ETS single bridges. The neck and body are made of Brazilian cedar."