All 12 axes featured as Guitar of the Month in 2011.

"This Lucite guitarяLuci for shortяis unlike any Fender-produced instrument ever made. It was conceived for NasH2O, a set of auctions to benefit Nashville musicians without resources and insurance who lost their instruments in the spring 2010 flood, and was filled with floodwater from Nashvilleуs Cumberland River. Despite being filled with water, the guitar is fully functionalяthough heavier than a standard guitarяand stocked with Fenderуs т50s reissue neck and hardware. It features a т50s reissue one-piece maple neck with рskunk stripeс truss rod fill, 7.25"" fretboard radius with vintage-style frets, vintage-style tuners, vintage Tele bridge pickup with т50s style cloth wiring, vintage volume and tone setup with Greasebucket tone circuit, a reverse control plate (a common Nashville modification), and an ashtray bridge cover."