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GALLERY: Lollapalooza 2015

Three days of guitar highlights from Chicago’s world-renowned festival.


Black Pistol Fire’s Kevin McKeown
The band with the most energy at this year’s Lolla had to be Black Pistol Fire. Even with only two members—drummer Eric Owen and guitarist/singer Kevin McKeown—they rocked the BMI stage like a rock ensemble bringing down a headlining stage. McKeown set the intensity by riffing his 1989 Epiphone Sheraton II while on his back, on top of stage monitors, in the crowd, or while jumping off Owen’s drum kit. This was the only guitar he had when recording the band's first two albumsâ??S/T and Big Beat '59. He loves humbucker tone he can get from it because it's a fat and dirty sound when you need it to be, but it can still clean up when he needs to quiet things down (which isn't often). Take note, people: This is how you rock!