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GALLERY: NAMM 2018 Day 4

Check out the final day's roundup of gear, including the newest stuff from Abasi Guitars, Blackstar, Two-Rock, J. Rockett Audio, Kauer Guitars, and more.


Pigtronix Bob Weir's Real Deal

Bob Weir's Real Deal acoustic preamp by Pigtronix is still at prototype stage but should be available in April. And man, there is a lot here to love for live acoustic players--especially those that need to play loud. The feedback abating capacity of the pedal is impressive. But what's more impressive still is how much tone--and tone and dynamic control-- you have while keeping feedback at bay. The signal is split into "microphone"!and "piezo" which use filtering to simulate the sound and functionality of a dual source pickup system. And the compact enclosure will be a joy for players that switch between acoustic and electric but travel with a single pedalboard. Look for a street price around $279.