Guitarists from around the globe give us tours of their stomping grounds.


Emmanuel Lucas: Oui, Oui
France’s Emmanuel Lucas shared this pic of his très beau board. He plugs his 2010 Gibson Firebird into a MIDI-controlled DigiTech Whammy 5 and an early-’90s Dunlop Cry Baby Wah (with a “reverse wiring” mod to mimic David Gilmour’s seagull effect). Next comes a Musicom Lab EFX MK III switcher the its loops configured as follows:

  1. Wild Fuzz (a Fuzz Factory clone built by a friend)
  2. Boss CS-2 Compression Sustainer
  3. Strymon Mobius (MIDI-controlled)
  4. Source Audio EQ (MIDI-controlled)
  5. Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
  6. Jacques Meistersinger Analog Chorus
  7. Electro-Harmonix Soul Food
  8. Wampler Plexi-Drive

After that the signal hits a Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor, a Boss FV-300L volume pedal, an Electro-Harmonix Ravish Sitar, a Catalinbread Belle Epoch delay, and Strymon’s TimeLine Delay and bigSky reverberator, both MIDI-controlled. A TC Electronic PolyTune keeps everything sounding sweet. Beneath the board are a Pedal Power 2 Plus and a Pedal Power Digital from Voodoo Labs, a Cioks Schizophrenic Link, and a MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru Box.

Ready for some self-inflicted pedal envy? Just check out the extraordinary setups from some of our fellow players. These recent submissions include a crafty “skateboard,” a fuzz “smorgasboard,” and submissions from a few players who may have gone “overboard.” (Puns intended.)

Pedal lust has no end—these pedalboard pics keep rolling in, and there are plenty more where these came from. Check out other reader boards at

CuNiFe-driven Wide Range pickups and a 7.25" fretboard radius make this the most period-correct Thinline since the original.

Awesome, alive, and individual Wide Range pickup sounds. Great neck. A 7.25" fretboard radius. Light weight. Period-authentic 1 meg pots.

Taper on 1 meg pots not very nuanced. Less-than-plentiful ash supplies could mean odd grain matches on natural-finish guitars.


Fender American Vintage II '72 Thinline Telecaster


In the 50 years since their big, chrome covers first reflected a hot stage light, Fender’s Seth Lover-designed Wide Range humbuckers have gone from maligned to revered. The guitars built around Wide Range pickups are legends in their own right, too. Keith Richards’ Telecaster Custom is synonymous with the Stones dynamic and adventurous late-70s-to-early-80s period. Scores of punk and indie guitarists made the Telecaster Deluxe a fixture of those scenes. And Jonny Greenwood almost singlehandedly elevated the Starcaster from a curiosity to an object of collector lust. The fourth member of the Wide Range-based guitar family, the ’72 Telecaster Thinline, lived a comparatively low-profile life. Yet it is a practical, streamlined, uniquely stylish, and multifaceted instrument with a truly original voice—qualities that are plain to see, feel, and hear in this new American Vintage II incarnation.

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To commemorate the occasion, Origin Effects are offering their entire range of compressor pedals in a limited-edition, laser-engraved aluminum finish, inspired by their stealthy in-house prototypes.

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While the features and functionality are the same as the Geddy Lee MP40 Limited-Edition Signature SansAmp, the cosmetics have been changed out of respect for the limited number of MP40s.

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Moog makes its debut in the universal software space with recreations of its beloved analog effects pedals.

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