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GALLERY: Russian Circles Gear at Electrical Audio in Chicago

Earlier this year, Premier Guitar went into Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio studio with Russian Circles as they recorded their fifth studio album, Memorial. We give you an inside look at the gear of this legendary music-making space.

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A rack of Albini’s electric guitars in the Center Field room of Studio A. Pictured here are a Travis Bean TB500, Veleno 6-string, Silvertone 1448, customized Epiphone 16-string, Eastwood Warren Ellis signature tenor model, and a custom double-cut model by Flynn Guitars. The Epi is one of two guitars that Albini had made (the other was given to Sonic Youth as a gift for inviting his band Rapeman to play with them in England) and it features an Epiphone 12-string neck grafted on a copy of a Strat body. Four additional tuners were added down the center of the headstock.