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GALLERY: Show Us Your Gear - Favorite Overdrive/Distortion

From classics to modded classics, boutique to budget, Premier Guitar readers submit the tools they use to get dirty.

Fulltone OCD
"Adam Rey couldn't choose just his Tonebone, so he also sent in his Fulltone OCD. ""If I could only bring one pedal to a gig this might be it! (or a desert island for that matter, uhhh... if they have electricity of course!),"" he explains. ""I have been living with this tone machine for the past five years and it delivers all that I need in a mid-gain tone box for my rhythm guitar duties especially. I call it my Marshall-in-a-box, as it gives me a pleasant girth that cleans up real well. It's great for getting that 'hair of the dog' rhythm edge, and it nails that bluesy, Texas-approved neck/middle tone that makes you want to play for days! Has a killer tight solo voice with humbuckers!"""