Premier Guitar readers show us their boards!

"Mike's pedalboard is set up so he can run everything in front of the amp or split the board into two separate loops, one in front of the amp, and one for the amp's effects loop. Loop 1 (always in front) signal chain: I/O Box with separate tuner out for TC Electronic PolyTune, Boss NS-2/Send, Buddha BudWah, 5-channel loop switcher (DigiTech HarmonyMan, Behringer SM200 Slow Motion, HotCake Bluesberry, Barber Direct Drive, MI Audio Crunch Box), Boss NS-2/Return, Xotic EP Booster (always on as a buffer), DeArmond Volume Pedal, I/O box. Loop 2 (in front or effects loop) signal chain: I/O box, Line 6 MM4, Boss DD-20 Delay, DigiTech JamMan Solo, I/O Box. The pedals are powered by a single Visual Sound 1-Spot except for the Harmony Man."
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