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Dan Bontrager
Before acquiring its celestial finish, Dan Bontrager’s Ibanez JS700 had a standard red-stained mahogany body. “I picked it up from Craigslist, and it was in poor shape,” he says. Bontrager and a buddy rebuilt a routed-out bridge pickup cavity and stripped the original finish before applying a large-flake glitter coating. “The process was very low-tech,” reports Bontrager. “Spray clear, dump the glitter on, repeat. Finish with about 20 layers of clear, and then buff.” Dan says it’s a heavy guitar thanks to all that varnish, but that it sounds great with its GFS P90s. “Best of all,” he confides, “you can blind everyone at a gig with only a single 60-watt light bulb.”

Throughout the year we collect stories and photos of guitar-mod projects created by you, our dear readers. Some are so inspiring that we include them here in our annual Hot Rod issue.

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Welcome back to Mod Garage. This month we’ll have a look at a special Stratocaster wiring that’s known as the Ricky King wiring. Born in 1946, Ricky King is a well-known German instrumental guitarist who was very popular in Europe during the ’70s and ’80s, with some top-charting hits like “Verde,” “Le Rêve,” “Mare,” and “Hale, Hey Louise.” King, whose real name is Hans Lingenfelder, was also famous for his “toothpaste smile” when performing. I don’t think Ricky King was very popular in the United States, but his personal Stratocaster wiring is an interesting one, so I think you’ll have fun with this.

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