Livid Guitar Wing Review

The wireless MIDI controller digital guitarists have been waiting for.

Livid’s Guitar Wing is a tool many digital guitarists have been waiting for. It doesn’t process sound, but transmits wireless MIDI messages to music software on your laptop or tablet. You can assign Guitar Wing’s six buttons, five slider switches, three LED-illuminated faders, five velocity-sensitive pads, and built-in accelerometer as desired within your DAW. You might, for example, scroll through presets, toggle effects on and off, sweep a virtual wah, play MIDI drums, crank a fuzz, send a delay into oscillating feedback—or all the above.

Guitar Wing’s reassuringly sturdy plastic housing attaches to your electric guitar’s lower horn, secured by a no-scratch clamp. The Wing communicates with your DAW via an included USB dongle, and runs for approximately eight hours between charges. There’s even a free WingFX multi-effect plug-in (for Mac and Windows) with pre-configured assignments—just insert the plug-in on a DAW channel for an instant pedalboard’s worth of remote-control effects.

There are other tools for wrangling your DAW while playing, but this is the only one I know that packs so many controls into such a small footprint, works wirelessly, and snaps right onto your axe.


Wireless MIDI control. Good ergonomics. Excellent documentation.

Doesn’t fit guitars with no cutaway or with lower-horn controls. The look isn’t for everybody—especially folks who don’t love Tron.



Ease of Use:



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