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Quick Hit: Alexander Pedals F.13 Flanger Review

A warped flanger with loads of spacey sounds. Sci-fi geeks unite!

Some pedals exist to help you realize a sound that exists between your ears. Others push you into entirely foreign galaxies and challenge you to get creative. The F.13 Flanger is squarely in the latter category. On the surface, the F.13 is a three-mode flanger that does everything a standard flanger can. But each of the three modes offers a warped path to alien tones that could soundtrack Roswell's most sordid tales.

I was most interested in the Dynamic mode. In this setting, the volume of the input signal affects the delay time and the rate knob controls the sensitivity. In some of the more extreme settings I got faux envelope filter sounds that could work for Jerry Garcia’s "Fire on the Mountain" moves in a pinch. An entire wormhole of manic and illogical LFO patterns is buried deep within the F.13. You just need to dive in and coax them out.

Test Gear: Fender Stratocaster, Fender Deluxe Reverb, Wild Customs Wildmaster


Mind-bending flange tones. Deep modes.

Could use a tap tempo or expression functionality.


Alexander Pedals F.13 Flanger


Ease of Use: