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Quick Hit: Electro-Harmonix Lumberjack Log Overdriver Review

An overdrive that runs from musical to downright damaged.

Before you have panic attacks trying to recall high school calculus, you don’t need to understand the difference between a logarithmic and linear distortion curve to hear that the Lumberjack is a very different overdrive. What’s remarkable about the Lumberjack is how readily it can move from (relatively) smooth to rude. The key to this dynamism is the mysterious log factor control, which gets progressively raspier as you turn it up. While adjustments to the boost control help you dial in more or less of your dry signal (and shape the distorted tones), the log factor adds distortion that, depending on your pick attack, can sound lyrical, fuzzy, and, at it’s most extreme, like a little tweed Champ about to explode and go supernova. Keep in mind, though, if you like things really smooth, this probably isn’t your OD.

Test Gear: Fender Jaguar, Fender Stratocaster with Custom Shop 1969 pickups, 1964 Fender Tremolux


Unique overdrive to distortion tones. Responsive to pick attack. Dirt cheap.

Can be unpredictable if it’s your only OD.


Electro-Harmonix Lumberjack Log Overdrive


Ease of Use: