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Quick Hit: Elite Guitar Cling On Pickup Review

Quick Hit: Elite Guitar Cling On Pickup Review

A magnet in a pickup is common, but this pickup’s magnet does something a bit different.

  Recorded with Larrivée P-01 parlor into a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 interface into GarageBand. 


Volume control on unit. Mod-free install. Easy swapping between multiple instruments by purchasing extra bases.

Can be thin sounding. Some may have to adjust playing position/style to accommodate the sensor.


Cling On Pickup


Ease of Use:



It’s safe to assume not all acoustic players are open to the idea of sticking anything on a guitar’s soundboard with adhesive or tape, but soundboard transducers have to attach somehow. If they don’t have contact, they can’t transmit a guitar top’s vibrations.

Elite Guitar’s Cling On incorporates a magnet, which eliminates the need for tape or adhesive on top. You instead apply a wee bit of supplied putty to a small base and position it under your soundboard, and then mount the sensor using magnetic energy. After a little position tweaking, I settled on a spot a couple inches behind the bridge and off-center towards the bass side. And hey, my once-pickup-free Larrivée is now amplified. Care should be taken to steer clear of feedback (it wanted to howl), but I didn’t experience any issues beyond the ordinary for this kind of pickup. I was provided a somewhat crisp and boxy sound that had clarity, but didn’t project a whole lot of warmth. A preamp with a good EQ would likely aid in mellowing things out.

One expects a mic affixed on a soundboard to light up a guitar’s top, and the Cling On does. You’ll appreciate the Cling On’s ability to project slaps and taps, if that plays a role in your repertoire, and blending with another pickup or mic could make for an interesting two-source combo. Animated/aggressive players, however, should be aware how microphonic the pickup is, and use care with their approach to avoid inadvertently swiping the sensor off their guitars.