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Quick Hit: GoGo Caliber Pedal Tuner Review

A new pedal tuner with a display you can’t miss.

GoGo Tuners has made their mark with a variety of clip-on tuners, but the new Caliber Pedal Tuner is the company’s second stompbox offering. The gunmetal-gray finish of the sturdy metal enclosure provides a stealth demeanor, but you can’t miss the big display. It takes up about 75 percent of the top surface and gives the pedal the look of a chunky smartphone. Battery power is an option, but I fired up the true-bypass tuner with a 9V Boss-style adaptor (not included) and plugged in.

The display is fantastic. The large flat/sharp indicators and big, block-letter notes are broadcast in bright, high-definition clarity, and everything that illuminates on the display turns from red to green when you hit your desired mark. I daisy-chained with a trusty Boss TU-2 and also tested the GoGo against the tuner function in GarageBand: The accuracy is spot-on. The calibration push-button on the left side permits easy scrolling through reference pitches from 430 Hz to 450 Hz (though it’s location and ease-of-push could prove vulnerable to an inadvertent foot graze). The Caliber Pedal Tuner is priced similarly to rival products, but its exceptional display warrants special consideration.

Test Gear: 1974 Epiphone ET-290 Crestwood, 2001 Fender Precision, 2005 Larrivee parlor


Solid and accurate. Massive easy-to-read display.

Calibration button could be susceptible to happy feet.


GoGo Tuners Caliber Pedal Tuner

Ease of Use: