Quick Hit: Karma MTN-10 Review

An updated take on the other green dirtbox.



Expansive palette of voices. Great dynamic range. Impressive low-end resonance and sustain. Slinky playability. Tuning stable. Virtually indestructible.

Highs can get a bit harsh depending on your setup. Awfully pricey compared to similar new-model ODs.


Karma MTN-10


Ease of Use:



The MTN-10 is producer Greg Droman’s take on the other green distortion box from Ibanez. Over the last few years, the original Mostortion MT10 Mos-Fet Distortion has gained popularity among tone hounds, and the price has gone up to near $400. Droman decided to create a sturdier and more affordable solution. His MTN-10 mimics the same controls found on the Mostortion and uses the same CA3260 IC that’s found in the original.

When done right, it gives you just the right amount of compression and dirt without sacrificing feel.

I’ve always dug MOSFET-style distortion. When done right, it gives you just the perfect amount of compression and dirt without sacrificing feel. The MTN-10’s 3-band EQ is wildly interactive and really requires minimal tweaking. Simply start at noon and season to taste. I found the MTN-10 to also be an excellent clean boost. It had plenty of full-range response and was incredibly reactive to dynamics. Once the gain knob went past 1 o’clock, there was a high-end sizzle which could be useful for ripping leads or long, sustaining parts. Without a doubt the Karma MTN-10 is a worthy torchbearer that surpasses the original in build quality, price, and availability.

Test Gear: Schroeder Chopper TL, Gibson Les Paul Custom, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe IV

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Presets extend the flexibility of an already expansive and easy-to-use reverb.

Intuitive. Great range in all controls. Well-built.

Some digital artifacts at long decay times.


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