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Quick Hit: TC Electronic Tailspin Review

A preposterously inexpensive analog vibrato that sounds and feels fantastic.

There’s a lot of anticipation about TC Electronic’s new affordable stompboxes. Much of it is related to the rock-bottom prices. The Tailspin is just 50 bucks. But after a spin with the Tailspin, I suspect enthusiasm for the sounds will rival the excitement around the price.

Ridiculously inexpensive analog vibrato has been a reality since TC’s parent company Behringer built the UV300 Ultra Vibrato. But the Tailspin’s bent metal enclosure and robust construction make the TC pedal an altogether more appealing proposition. Tailspin exhibits none of the design shortcomings that make budget pedals unappetizing. The potentiometers turn with satisfying resistance. Jacks are stout and secure. The footswitch is smooth. And the pedal is relatively quiet for an analog circuit. Even the minimalist graphics are refreshingly stylish.

It’s the sounds that really sell you, though. There may be more complex-sounding vibrato units out there, but the Tailspin delivers many of the quivering undersea tones favored by Boss VB-2 fans. Both speed and depth controls have expansive range. And if it lacks the deep dimensionality needed to simulate Leslie sounds, it delivers variations on those textures that are very appealing in their own wobbly way.

Test gear: Fender Jaguar, Fender Telecaster Deluxe, Silverface Fender Bassman, Fender Champ


Deep, immersive analog vibrato tones on the super-cheap. Fun to use. Stout construction. Looks cool.



TC Electronic Tailspin


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