You asked, so here it is—PG goes behind the scenes to take a look at the live gear used by our own John Bohlinger and his onstage boss, country superstar Lee Brice.

Bohlinger runs a Klotz cable from his steel to a Dunlop volume pedal. The Dunlop’s tuner out hits a Peterson Flip strobe tuner set on the E9 Sweetened setting. The Peterson’s output runs into a Boss TU-2 for standard tuning. (Watch the video to see why Bohlinger needs two tuners.) The line out of the volume pedal hits a vintage Ross Grey Compressor Bohlinger bought when he was in 8th grade, a Dr. No More Gary overdrive, MXR EVH Phase 90, Ibanez Echo Shifter, MXR Reverb, and a Boss DD-5 Digital Delay. An MXR ISO Brick supplies the juice, and the pedals live on a DBfX lighted board by GO2 Technologies. Bohlinger uses Dunlop picks and moves between a Dunlop stainless steel bar, a titanium bar by Furious Slides, and ceramic slides by Rocky Mountain Slide Company.

Bohlinger uses Dunlop Brass .018 mm fingerpicks and Dunlop Shell Plastic thumbpicks. Bohlinger trades between Dunlop Stainless Steel Slide Tonebars, Titanium bars by Furious Slides, and ceramic slides by Rocky Mountain Slide Company.

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