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Rig Rundown: Mutoid Man's Stephen Brodsky

Find out how the shred cat avoids using a sketchy whammy bar by ingeniously implementing two handy stomps.

Stephen Brodsky likes to keep it classic and simple. He tours with one guitar: a 1985 Aria Pro II Michael Schenker XX-MS Signature V. His bandmate, bassist Nick Cageao, had already went the Aria route by landing an Explorer-ish Pro II ZZB Custom 4-string so he thought it’d be cool if both Mutoid men would rock Arias. He sent the guitarist a Reverb listing and Brodsky got the axe. Everything about it is stock. Brodksy typically tunes down to Bb–Ab–Db–Gb–Bb–Eb and uses D’Addario NYXL Top Heavy .010–.052 strings.

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