Haunted Labs Introduces the Hell Horse Fuzz Delay

A new fuzz-delay hybrid designed in conjunction with Dirty Haggard Audio.

Charlotte, NC (December 11, 2020) -- Adding to an acclaimed lineup of guitar effects, Haunted Labs has unveiled the new Hell Horse fuzz delay, a co-branded pedal created in conjunction with Dirty Haggard Audio.

The pedal brandishes a wickedly potent fuzz circuit and delay powered by a PT2399 integrated chip. The “degraded” delay offers a savory, sinister analog-style echo of up to 460 milliseconds.

Adding to the Hell Horse’s versatility, an innovative EQ circuit offers highly flexible tone shaping by manipulating two separate frequency peaks: one in the bass frequencies, one in the treble. The entire circuit is controlled by two knobs:

  • (1) The “Tone” knob (more accurately described as an “EQ boost/cut” ) knobs allows you to boost or cut both of these EQ peaks simultaneously up to +/- 15dB. Note: The center position of this knob equals flat EQ, which effectively removes the “Shift” control (described below) from circuit and causes it to have no effect on the sound.
  • (2) “Shift”: This control shifts the EQ peaks controlled by the tone knob further apart if rotated clockwise, or closer together if rotated counter-clockwise.

The Hell Horse’s four other knobs provide familiar, essential control of these parameters:

  • Volume: Allows you to attenuate or boost the output amplitude of the pedal. Unity gain is at approximately the 3 o’clock position as tested with single coil pickups.
  • Delay Mix: This allows you to control how much of the delayed signal you would like to mix in with your normal signal. All the way left = no added delay signal. All the way right = full volume delay/fully saturated sound.
  • Delay time: This allows you to control how long the delay time is. All the way left is the longest delay time, approx. 460mS. All the way right is slowest delay time (slapback delay) at approx. 50 mS. The number of repeats is hard-set and not user adjustable.
  • Fuzz: This is an input attenuator arrangement. The input signal is either allowed to pass fully for maximum fuzz distortion, or attenuated by turning the control counter clockwise.

The Hell Horse offers true bypass switching, completely designed in the USA using the highest quality parts available.


  • Six knobs: Fuzz, Delay Time, Delay Mix, Tone, Shift and Volume
  • Engineered and manufactured in the USA
  • Manufactured with the highest quality components
  • Dimensions are
  • 9V standard DC operation (power supply not included) – no battery compartment
  • True bypass

The Hell Horse fuzz delay is priced at $220 USD and can be purchased directly from the Haunted Labs online store via hauntedlabs.com

For more information:
Haunted Labs

Photo by cottonbro



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