Heptode Deep Crunch and Heavy Tone Pedals Now Available in the US

Heptode prides itself on producing unique circuits that are carefully tweaked for use by today’s players

Twp of Washington, NJ (June 21, 2012) – European Musical Imports is pleased to announce its recent appointment as exclusive North American distributor for the Heptode line of guitar effects pedals. Meticulously hand-built in France utilizing surface mount technology with only the very finest components including two-sided PCB, Heptode prides itself on producing unique circuits that are carefully tweaked for use by today’s players. The line currently consists of two pedals that emulate the distortion characteristics and dynamics of a well known and much revered two channel amplifier. Both include a cabinet simulator switch for direct input to a mixer or computer.

The Deep Crunch and Heavy Tone are now available to American guitarists at selected dealers for $265.

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