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Jimmy Page Live - Jun. '17 Ex. 1

Blink-182 return with new album One More Time... on October 20. It marks the first album to feature the group’s iconic lineup, Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge and Travis Barker since 2011.

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Bad Cat Returns! Black Cat, Cub, Hot Cat & Lynx Demos
Bad Cat Returns! Black Cat, Hot Cat, Lynx, & Cub Demos

John Bohlinger and the PG video crew visit the SoCal HQ of the revamped amp builder that has a growl for every guitarist.

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The finished BYOC Classic Delay kit (Photo 1).

Never kit-built a stompbox? It’s easy—if you let pro pedal maker Alex Guaraldi of CopperSound be your guide. Here, he takes you on a step-by-step tour as he assembles a Build Your Own Clone Classic Delay.

For this DIY adventure, we’re going to be walking through the steps of building the Classic Delay pedal from Build Your Own Clone (BYOC), a company that has been a big player in the pedal-kit game for quite a while. This is a little more complicated than building a fuzz or overdrive, so I’m going to explain the process with great detail. Let’s get started.

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