Killer Guitar Components Introduces Brass Vintage Telecaster Bridge

The bridge features machined musical brass material, compensated saddles, and a short-side cutout.

Gloucester, MA (December 5, 2016) -- Adding to their line of boutique-quality, high-performance machined guitar upgrades and OEM products, Killer Guitar Components announces the debut of the Killer Brass Vintage Telecaster Bridge (KGC-VTB). This direct-fit, solid-milled brass design is the first of its kind on the market. Improving intonation, tone, sustain, feel and overall playability.

The KGC design incorporates all of the most important features a Tele player or aftermarket builder could want with the combination of the intuitive KGC design, machined musical brass material, the new compensated saddles, a short-side cutout that allows adequate space for easy muting and picking from any angle and a standard bridge pickup cutout. This KGC bridge also incorporates many proprietary elements only KGC offers.


  • Brass mass machined from solid billet alloy (not bent, punched or cast) providing the most mass possible with extra-thick, beautifully contoured perimeter and mirror-polished walls to provide improvements in resonance and vibration transfer that are notable on any guitar. The entire assembly weighs 6.6 ounces.
  • Innovative Compensated Brass Saddles – new compensation tweaks allow the best 3-saddle intonation and setup on the market today. 5/16” diameter saddles come equipped with all stainless steel hardware. Hex wrench included for adjustment.
  • Direct-fit Upgrade - There is no concern with any permanent modifications. Simply unscrew your old bridge and screw down the KGC. Fits any Vintage or reissue model.
  • Elegant, Refined Look – Finished with beautiful contoured radii, mirror-polished outer walls, matte-deck finish and flush seated intonation screws.
  • Enhanced Sound – The combination of the design, material and mass of the KGC bridge allow for increases in vibration transfer, sustain, tuning stability and an overall improvement in playability.

The new Killer Bridge has a MSRP of $149.95 with other models to soon follow. All products can be purchased directly from KGC –

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