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LEHLE Launches New P-ISO Products

LEHLE Launches New P-ISO Products

LEHLE launches two new products, the LEHLE P-ISO TRS XLR and LEHLE P-ISO XLR TRS. XLR sockets found their way in and that’s why these products were designed into many environments – without the annoying search for the matching adapter cable.

By means of the LEHLE TRANSFORMER HZ, the focus is on isolating two devices, so that existing ground loops can be effectively suppressed and background noise eliminated. Additionally, there are applications for (un-)balancing signals in live situations or recording environments, e.g. as a reamplification box.


  • Isolator, Reamplification box and problem solver
  • Absolutely no signal loss or hum
  • High-impedance LEHLE TRANSFORMER HZ
  • Suitable for balanced or unbalanced signals
  • Passive – no need for a power supply

And just in case you are looking for a power connection: even these tools of the LEHLE P-ISO series perform all their functions without any need for a power supply. And due to their optimized size and low weight, they fit easily below your pedalboard or in any pocket.

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