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1981 Inventions Announces the LVL

1981 Inventions Announces the LVL

LVL is a professional low-gain device designed to achieve overdrive gain ranges with a new and unique circuit.

1981 Inventions, the operation of Matthew Hoopes (guitarist of Relient K and creator of the highly-regarded DRV distortion), is proud to announce the launch of LVL. It's the culmination of a 4-year collaboration between Hoopes and circuit designer, John Snyder of Electronic Audio Experiments.

“This is the pedal I have always wanted to make,” Hoopes reveals. “To me, it’s a perfect low-gain stage. I can play an entire set with my band using only this pedal. If you’re familiar with our recordings, LVL is the Forget and Not Slow Down sound... It works great on bass, which is what FULL-RANGE refers to. It also stacks with anything, makes most fuzz better if you put it after, makes most overdrives better if you put it before. It’s also great if you hit the front end with a little boost!”

LVL has two knobs, “LVL” and “VOL”. The “LVL” (Level) knob is the gain control. Turning the knob up produces more gain while reducing low-end and adding brightness. The “VOL” (Volume) knob controls the master volume. Turning the knob up drives the front end of the amp, while turning the knob down dials the amp back to control the gain-to-volume ratio.

LVL comes in a custom bent-steel enclosure with a black satin powder coat and “1981 Inventions” printed largely over the face of the pedal in a white gloss print. The enclosure’s exact size is 2.44” x 4.41” x 1.417” (62mm x 112 mm x 36mm). Power requirements are 9VDC with a 2.1 barrel connector (center negative) and the current draw is 45mA. The pedal weighs 13.2 oz (374 grams).

LVL is currently available on the 1981 Inventions website and from select retailers for $229.