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3rd Power Introduces the Love Drive

3rd Power Introduces the Love Drive

A new drive pedal made in collaboration with the Christy Lynn Mitchell Foundation, a provider of merit scholarships for college-bound high school seniors.

3rd Power and the Christy Lynn Mitchell Foundation team up to introduce the Love Drive Pedal, a hand-built, clean-boost/preamp/drive pedal designed to create, optimize and refine your guitar signal with immersive wave-shaping 3 band EQ. The original Roosevelt Drive was inspired by the venerable Ibanez Mostortion pedal, a soft-clipping overdrive pedal that became incredibly popular with players everywhere. The goal then was to remedy the negatives; original units were expensive, hard to find, and costly to re-house in order to sturdy them up for road use.

The true-bypass, buffered input, and output (when active) allow you to place the Love Drive at the beginning, middle, or end of your chain. When active, the input buffer ensures your signal will enter the FET circuitry under optimal conditions. This ensures that the two gain stages and 3-band EQ will sound their absolute best. The output buffer means the LOVE DRIVE will drive longer cable runs while keeping your tone intact. When cascading with other dirt pedals, the dual buffer stages of the LOVE DRIVE will ensure that your tone soars without collapsing into itself due to mismatches in circuitry.


  • Through-hole construction
  • Critical amp-style components
  • Wave-shaping 3-Band EQ (Controls include: Drive, Level, Bass, Middle and Treble)
  • Soft-touch Foot-switch for True-Bypass Operation
  • Top mounting Input, Output and Power Jacks
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Street prices for the LOVE DRIVE will be around $279 and are available now in limited edition matte black, and gloss white heart graphic enclosures.

Love Drive Walkthrough with Kenny Greenberg

5% profit from LOVE DRIVE sales go to Christy Lynn Mitchell Foundation providing merit scholarships for college-bound high school seniors who exhibit the intrinsic motivation to be kind and compassionate. For more information, please visit