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3rd Power Launches Dream Solo Amplifiers

Four new tube amps based on the American Dream and British Dream amplifiers.

Nashville, TN (December 22, 2011) -- 3rd Power Amplification, has announced it will bring four new Dream models to market at the upcoming NAMM Show in Anaheim. The new Dream Solo Series consists of four new hand-wired valve amps and 112 combos based on the company’s popular American Dream and British Dream amplifiers.

Dream Solo 4 combo

Each purpose-built single channel model delivers cornerstone iconic guitar tones of American and British classics: the 1962 Brownface Deluxe, the 1965 Blackface Deluxe, the 1959 AC30, and the 1968 Plexi. The new Dream Solos bring 3rd Power’s innovative circuitry and cabinet design technology within reach of gigging musicians. Dream Solos will be available early February starting at the introductory price of $1699 for each head and $1999 for each 112 combo.

“The Dream Solos combine all of our proprietary technology into a grab-n-go form factor that makes gigging, recording, touring and even rehearsing an inspiring event and puts it within reach of most working musicians,” says company founder and designer Jamie Scott. “The Dream Solos simply and elegantly put the essential building blocks of tone in the hands of working musicians allowing them to be in the moment and connect musically with their audience better than ever before.”

Dream Solo 1 is based on the Brownface channel of the American Dream complete with its signature mid-bump voicing that confidently conjures early ‘60s American tone that cuts through a mix. Controls include: Volume, Tone, Presence and a bright switch.

Dream Solo 2 is based on the Blackface channel of the American Dream complete with its signature mid-scoop voicing that delivers that plump and juicy mid ‘60s American guitar tone that is wide, rich and spanky without getting in the way. Controls include: Volume, Bass, Treble, Presence and a bright switch.

Dream Solo 3 is based on the ’59 AC channel of the British Dream complete with its signature chime and growl as delivered by an EF86 preamp pentode for authentic British inspired tones that have inspired hits from both sides of the Atlantic. Controls include: Volume, three-position Brilliance Switch, Top Cut and Presence.

Dream Solo 4 is based on the ’68 Plexi channel of the British Dream complete with its signature edge and slice that delivers the attitude of a stack without ripping your head off. Controls include: Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble and Presence.

Each Dream Solo model features an insert-style effects loop. The power section consists of a fixed-bias 6V6 duet paired with a custom-voiced Heyboer output transformer feeding signal to a Celestion G12H 70th Anniversary loudspeaker. Power output is 20 watts. Also included is 3rd Power's patent-pending HybridMASTER volume management technology that allows the guitarist to separately control the listening levels independent of the tone of the amplifier.

3rd Power also introduces another innovation, Flex Cab technology. Strategically located inside the enclosure is a single deflection panel that works to create a triangular speaker chamber similar to their other high-end enclosures. Together with their triangle back panel port and proprietary acoustic treatments Flex Cab technology is designed to deliver a much wider, fuller frequency response than typical rectangle enclosures that can be distinctly heard in the room as well as through a PA or on a recording. This radical approach has the added advantage of eliminating the standing waves that are inherent byproducts of traditional rectangular cabinet designs, allowing the true tonality of the amplifier to come through loud and clear. Dream Solo enclosures are constructed with 12mm Baltic Birch and weigh in at 35 lbs. for the 112 combo, and a mere 24 lbs. for the head, making “grab-n-go” a snap.

The Dream Solo Series amplifiers are hand-wired in the USA and carry an introductory street price of $1699 for the amp head and $1999 for the 112 combo.

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