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3rd Power Amplification Unveils the Citizen Gain CSR

The amp pulls design elements from both the Dual Citizen and Citizen Gain.

Nashville, TN (June 21, 2016) -- 3rd Power is excited to unveil the new Citizen Gain CSR to its line of award-winning amplifiers, hand-built in the company's East Nashville, Tennessee shop.

Operating on a pair of EL34 tubes, the new 40-watt Citizen Gain CSR is 3rd Power's response to overwhelming customer demand for a true channel switching amp that features the company's popular clean and crunch tones. During the development of the Citizen Gain CSR, 3rd Power pulled various design elements together from its' flagship Dual Citizen and Citizen Gain amps as a starting point. The goal was multi-layered: Create a true American voiced clean channel with enough headroom to both serve as a pedal-platform as well as accommodate large signals from guitars equipped with humbucking pickups, pair that with the scorching British tone capabilities of the Citizen Gain and bring it under foot-switchable control. With the new Citizen Gain CSR, these distinctive American and British voices can be utilized on demand and sweetened with just the right amount of studio-quality spring reverb thanks to independent reverb level controls for each channel. With the company's proprietary HybridMaster volume management circuitry, the entire sonic experience can be had at whatever volume level is right for the room.

“Players have been telling me, 'I love your Dual Citizen and I love the Citizen Gain, but in a perfect world, what I really need is the American clean from this one and the British higher-gain tones from that one...Oh, and it has to be foot-switchable!' My biggest challenge was developing the channel-switching circuitry to provide a seamless transition from one sound to the next, and have it be executed in a very musical way with no pops, noises or hiccups. From there, I added our Citizen Loop which is a great sounding all-tube buffered effects loop. And finally, I felt this amplifier had to include our studio-quality analog spring reverb with the twist being independent reverb levels for each channel. Now your clean and crunch tones can have exactly the right amount of ambience without compromise. The Citizen Gain CSR is an elegantly artful, versatile and inspiring tube guitar amplifier and I couldn't be more satisfied with the design and performance of this model,” said Jamie Scott, founder and Amp Artist at 3rd Power.


  • Hand-wired, point-to-point turret board construction
  • Patented HybridMaster volume management
  • Two foot-switchable channels, American clean and British hi-gain
  • 9 selectable EQ and preamp response modes
  • All custom Mercury Magnetics transformers
  • All tube-pedal optimized FX loop
  • Accutronics studio-quality spring reverb with independent channel level controls
  • Dual JJ E34L output tubes for 40 watts of power, 6 12AX7 preamp tubes


  • Citizen Gain CSR head version: 24” wide, weighs 32 lbs.
  • 1x12 combo version with reverb, 25” wide, weighs ~56 lbs.

All 3rd Power amplifiers are hand-built in the USA and feature point-to-point turret board construction and come with a 33-year warranty. Citizen Gain CSR units will begin shipping by July 31, 2016 at introductory prices starting around $2999 for the head and $3399 for a 112 combo. Two-button foot switch is included.

Watch the company's video demo:

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