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Blackstar Announces HT Venue MK III Series Valve Amps

Blackstar Announces HT Venue MK III Series Valve Amps

The third edition of Blackstar’s best-selling valve amplifier range.

In 2009 when the original HT Venue was designed the goal was to combine the best of our two flagship valve amp lines; the boutique cleans of the handwired Artisan amps and the modern high gain of Series One. This gave guitarists incredible flexibility of tone from a single valve amp, with no compromise between their clean and overdrive tones.

Seven years later Mk II introduced the most requested features; an expanded tone section on the Clean channel, footswitchable voices and power reduction.

A game-changing addition is their advanced CabRig DSP technology, an embodiment of our latest innovations in speaker, cab, mic, and room emulation. This technology, originally featured in our St. James and AMPED products, represents our commitment to staying ahead of the curve. Coupled with 4-channel audio via the USB-C, capturing professional quality valve tone in your DAW is simple.

The CabRig outs (XLR, Stereo Line Out and USB) can also be used in Standby Mode making it ideal for both recording and silent stages too.

Upgraded circuit board components and an all-new digital reverb with adjustable parameters further enhance the tone and performance.

All this comes in an all-new livery using materials normally found on boutique amps; premium tolex and fret, mini-toggle switches and a metal plate logo.

Blackstar’s new HT Venue MK III Series of guitar heads, combos and cabinets. Valve amps that are the culmination of decades of design experience and innovation; delivering “the sound in your head” with absolutely no compromises in tone, feel or performance.

Models in the range: HT Club 40 MK III combo, HT Stage 60 112 MK III combo, HT Stage 60 212 MK III combo, HT Club 50 MK III head, HT Stage 100 MK III head, HTV-112 cabinet, HTV-212 cabinet, HTV-412A cabinet, HTV-412B cabinet.