Jackson Audio and Cory Wong Introduce the Optimist

Cory Wong's signature stombox from Jackson Audio is an overdrive with studio-grade active EQ and three independent circuits.

OD1 is based on the Klon, one of the most expensive and hard-to-find overdrives ever created. For all of its hype, the Klon is still one of the most natural-sounding overdrives ever created and has cemented its reputation in the history of guitardom. Jackson Audio reproduced this circuit in perfect detail to provide the stock tone that is sought after from this legendary pedal. It's updated with an active EQ (bypass-able) to take this classic circuit into new territory.

OD2 of the Optimist stands in stark contrast to the mid-focused tone of OD1. Designed to be perfectly flat across the full range of the guitar, OD2 is intended for rhythm work and is a complementary harmonic enhancer for OD1 if you want to boost OD1 even further. Based on the legendary Baxandall EQ that is featured in countless studio EQ’s, The Optimist EQ takes this circuit and tailors it for guitarists. Jackson Audio dialed in the EQ in order to hit all the frequencies that guitarists need to adjust and then removed the highs and lows that can appear at extreme settings.


  • Studio-grade EQ with High Bandwidth and Flat Response at 12:00
  • +/- 12dB Boost/Cut per control
  • Center Detents on the pots for quick adjustment to a neutral or flat response
  • Input Impedance: 1M
  • Output Impedance: 100k Power Supply: DC
  • Voltage Input: 9V MAX Polarity: Center Negative
  • Min Current Required: 150mA
  • Dimensions: 2.7” x 4.875”
  • The Optimist features MIDI control over all functions

The Optimist by Jackson Audio and Cory Wong - Full Video

MAP $349.00. More info at https://jackson.audio.

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