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D’Angelico Guitars Introduces First Signature Acoustic with Josh Turner

D’Angelico Guitars Introduces First Signature Acoustic with Josh Turner

Introducing the Excel Josh Turner Tammany guitar, a non-cutaway orchestra model co-designed with the prolific guitarist and YouTuber.

A multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, engineer, and producer based in Brooklyn, New York, Josh is best known for his YouTube channel Josh Turner Guitar, where he posts covers, original music, and instructional content. His D’Angelico signature model was designed to bring the high-end specs and playability that Josh looks for in vintage instruments to his audience at an affordable price.

A satin-finished C-shape neck with just the right amount of thickness offers a premium yet remarkably comfortable playing experience, while vintage-inspired details like antique bronze hardware and a Throwback headstock illustrate Josh's love of classic aesthetics. Designed to offer onstage flexibility, the Josh Turner Tammany comes equipped with the JourneyTek Passive 3-piezo Pickup for unobstructed true-to-tune amplification.

Introducing the Excel Josh Turner Tammany | Demo | D'Angelico Guitars

Josh began his YouTube channel in 2007 at just 15 years old. Today, it has nearly 650k subscribers and has amassed over 170 million views. His content highlights his remarkable playing, genre versatility, and some of his many prized instruments. When designing his signature model with D’Angelico, he looked to his personal collection and considered what it was that he loved most about the instruments, what was missing, and the importance of quality.

The Excel Josh Turner Tammany is available only in Natural, exclusively through D'Angelico. Limited to only 50 pieces, each instrument is hand-signed and numbered by Josh. US MAP $799.99. For more information, please visit