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Dr. Z Announces 35th Anniversary Carmen Ghia 1x10 Combo

Dr. Z Announces 35th Anniversary Carmen Ghia 1x10 Combo

Dr. Z announces the limited-edition 35th Anniversary Carmen Ghia 1x10 combo, now with a post-phase inverter master volume (PPIMV), a first in the amps 35-year production run.

The 18-watt amp has become a bulkhead in the boutique amplifier scene, ushering in an era where small but mighty became a regular part of the serious guitar player’s arsenal, and an indelible mainstay in studios across the globe. Birthed in the 80s, a decade where “more was more,” the Carmen Ghia bucked the trend, showing that with less watts, less knobs, and less channels the player could experience more dynamics, more tonal colors, and more freedom.


  • An 18-watt power section loaded with hand-selected, matched, and screened NOS 6n14n power tubes, a highly reliable and smooth-sounding EL84 variant.
  • A post-phase inverter master volume, specifically tweaked to achieve whisper quiet overdrive for late-night practice sessions, yet totally transparent when turned up and it’s time to hit the stage.
  • A lightweight 30 lbs. cabinet loaded with a US-made WGS Veteran 30 10” speaker, branded with a commemorative badge on its grill, and paired with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Mike D.Zaite, aka Dr. Z.
  • Hand-wired turret board construction assembled in Cleveland, OH, as it has always been and always will be, since 1988, utilizing high-quality Heyboer transformers, and a custom welded aluminum chassis.

Dr. Z 35th Anniversary Carmen Ghia limited edition 1x10 Combo