Dr. Z Releases the Z-28 Mk. II

Dr. Z releases the Z-28 Mk. II, a new take on his EF-86 design, and designed to hold its own amongst the classics of the Z Amp lineup.

Two-plus years in the making, the Z-28 Mk. II builds upon the original Z-28 by revamping the power section to two robust 5881 tubes pushing a Celestion Creamback M65 in a specially-designed 1x12 cabinet draped in muscle car red tolex. Dr. Z included his Mk. II master volume control circuit, as seen in the flagship MAZ series, to achieve full control over the volume and dynamics this high-headroom amp is capable of, be it at home at practice, or on stage.

The Z-28 Mk. II features:

  • ​35 watts of power from dual 5881 power tubes, controlled by Dr. Z’s Mk. II master volume; a first in his EF-86 series of amps.
  • A high-headroom, high-voltage preamp designed around a NOS Winged C EF-86 tube, capable of producing dynamic range and harmonic content beyond the typical 12ax7 designs.
  • A return to Dr. Z’s signature red tolex for this combo only, which was specifically tuned to be light-weight, yet project a massive sound from the cabinet.
  • Hand-wired turret board construction assembled in Cleveland, OH utilizing high-quality Heyboer transformers, a custom welded aluminum chassis, and Mallory signal capacitors.

The Z-28 Mk. II 1x12 Combo retails for $2049, and the head version for $1899. The Z-28 Mk. II is available for sale at authorized Dr. Z dealers.

For more information, please visit drzamps.com

Dr. Z AMA: Introducing the Z-28 Mk. II!

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