Harmony Unveils Series 6 Amplifiers

Harmony, the world's most cherished maker of musical instruments, today announced that the highly anticipated Series 6 Amplifiers, including the all-tube driven H650, H620 and H605, are now available and rolling out across the USA.

With over a century of history, Harmony is warmly regarded for its legacy of instrument-making and generations worth of treasured musical moments. The Series 6 Amplifiers marks the next chapter in Harmony's storybook — expanding their lineup with a new family of amplifiers that give modern players the opportunity to have their sound, their way. Designed for the biggest stages to the smallest spaces, the Harmony Series 6 Amplifiers boast a number of features: all-tube pre-amp and power amp section, Italian-made Jensen speakers, built-in attenuator and a footswitchable boost channel, FX loop, analog reverb and tremolo.

Harmony Series 6 Amplifiers | Built to be Heard

The Harmony Series 6 Amplifiers are shipping via select US dealers now, with the H650 available at $999 (US MAP), H620 available at $649 (US MAP) and H605 available at $549 (US MAP). For more information, head to harmony.co or follow us on IG/FB/YT at @harmonyguitars.

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