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Humanoid Introduces the Goblin Fuzz

Humanoid Introduces the Goblin Fuzz

Built around two high-gainsilicon transistors, the Goblin was designed to deliver an intense yet smooth and full-bodied fuzz tone.

The pedal features three control knobs: Drive, Fuzz and output Volume. The Drive control allows you to augment or diminish the natural “chubbiness” and density this circuit produces. With the “drive” control fully up, you’ll get maximum bass and gain response, with more intense fuzz. Decreasing “drive” adds clarity and helps preserve natural pick attack and dynamics, especially if you’re using high-output pickups.

The Fuzz knob controls the Goblin’s voltage feedback-type fuzz circuit. The best way to find your ideal tone is to begin with Fuzz at its maximum setting and lower to taste. The more intense fuzz tones are to be found in the last quarter of the rotation so only subtle movements are necessary. The less intense fuzz tones found with the dial set at the noon position and below become useful when the pedal is used with an overdriven valve amplifier. Please note: It is totally normal for this dial to produce a slight static noise as it is adjusted.


  • Hand made in Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Volume, Drive, and Fuzz controls
  • True bypass switching
  • 9-volt DC via by standard external power - no battery compartment

Humanoid GOBLIN Tone Distorter

The Goblin 

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