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Mojotone Announces Bill Kelliher's Signature Hellbender Pickup

Mojotone Announces Bill Kelliher's Signature Hellbender Pickup

Mojotone and Mastodon guitarist Bill Kelliher introduce Kelliher's Artist Signature pickup, the "Hellbender."

With its distributed coil design, using two different wire gauges for increased dynamics and smooth coil-tapped tones, the Hellbender pickup set offers versatility to players in need of every sound from brutal high gain crunch to delicate and lush cleans. Two different Alnico grades (2 & 5) are used to individually voice the neck and bridge pickups; this helps the user retain articulation while using complex high-gain tones or heavily affected sounds. Finally, ceramic magnets are blended in with the Alnico magnets to achieve tighter attack, more output, and just the right amount of sustain when kicked into overdrive.

Kelliher and Mojotone sent numerous prototypes back and forth with the intention of creating a pickup that would benefit any guitarist, playing any style of music, through absolutely any signal chain.

“Mastodon covers a wide array of sounds and tones, I needed a pickup that can pull off the gauntlet of tones needed for the band while leaving room to inspire new sounds." -Bill Kelliher.

MOJOTONE Bill Kelliher Artist Signature 'Hellbender' Pickup Set - DEMO

​Mojotone and Bill Kelliher's all-new Hellbender is available through Mojotone as well as their retail partners and is shipping worldwide now.

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