Mojotone and Mastodon guitarist Bill Kelliher introduce Kelliher's Artist Signature pickup, the "Hellbender."

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The Mastodon mayhem lord’s signature amp dishes killer clean tones as readily as filthy ones.

Clip 1: Natural channel in bedroom mode, full power, and volume at 3:00.
Clip 2: Dirty channel in bedroom mode, half power, gain at 12:30, bass at 2:00, mid at 11:00, treble at 12:30, and volume at 9:30.

With the introduction of the Tiny Terror at the 2008 NAMM show, Orange helped start a “lunchbox” amp craze. Since then the Terror line has become a cornerstone of the company’s product roster, with models like the Dual Terror, Dark Terror, and Jim Root Terror. The recently released, EL84-driven Brent Hinds Terror is the company’s second signature Terror model. And though it’s similar in spirit and layout to the simultaneously released Rocker 15 Terror head, it’s designed with more available gain, as well as with input and tweaks from the Mastodon riffmeister.

Micro Mastodon
Like all Orange Terror amps, the Hinds is super portable. It comes with a padded carry bag that has a big pouch for the power supply, and plenty of room for accessories and spare tubes. As with all Terrors, the vibrant colors and diminutive dimensions seem almost cute, even if the metal enclosure does add a touch of industrial, utilitarian chic. Despite appearances, though, Hinds’ new head is a potent, all-tube amplifier that puts a wide array of clean to filthy sounds at your disposal. The two-channel setup is fired by two EL84 power tubes, and three 12AX7s and one 12AT7 in the preamp. Power-switching options include 0.5, 1, 7, and 15 watts.

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PG's John Bohlinger straps on a hollowbody PRS, a vintage Gibson Les Paul (with P-90s), and a B-bender Tele to prove this metal box can do more than just "Blood and Thunder."

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