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Mojotone Unveils the Quiet Coil NC-1 Acoustic Soundhole Pickup

The pickup features a noise-cancelling preamp and over 500 hours of battery life.

Burgaw, NC (December 21, 2020) -- Mojotone fixes soundhold pickup problems with the release of their new Quiet Coil NC-1 Acoustic Soundhole Pickup.

The Quiet Coil NC-1 Acoustic Soundhole Pickup is a lightweight, affordable, and easy-to-install pickup designed to perfectly capture and recreate the natural sound of your acoustic guitar while cancelling outside noise and feedback. Mojotone’s Quiet Coil NC-1 touts a pickup voiced more like a condenser mic with a natural sound reproduction and perfectly balanced string-to-string volume, all without the un-natural midrange and shrill highs of the typical magnetic soundhole pickup. Users will benefit from a pickup that doesn’t need extra compensation from external EQ’s or pedals to produce a brilliant and natural acoustic guitar sound.

The noise-free preamp design of the Quiet Coil NC-1 is perfect for all performance scenarios from stadiums to coffee shops to professional studios. Even smaller home studios on a budget will benefit from not having to purchase an expensive condenser mic to capture the sound of their acoustic guitar.

The newest addition to Mojotone’s famed Quiet Coil pickup line, the Quiet Coil NC-1 Acoustic Soundhole Pickup also comes with flexible, low-capacitance shielded cable which is pre-wired to a stereo Switchcraft USA end pin jack. This can be permanently installed in the user’s guitar; alternatively, a clip is included and can be attached to the user’s belt or strap for a non-permanent installation.


  • Single coil noise-cancelling preamp
  • 6V Active (2 x 3V CR2032 lithium batteries included)
  • Battery Life (500+ hours)
  • Master Volume
  • Battery Test Button
  • Switchcraft Stereo Endpin Jack
  • Minimum Soundhole Diameter 83.8mm or 3.30"
  • Made in the USA

Single Pricing: $189.95

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