A replica of one of the most desirable humbuckers of all time.

Burgaw, NC (December 3, 2019) -- Following on the success of popular in-house pickups such as the Quiet Coils series, ’59 Clone Humbucker, Johnny Winter Firebird Pickup and more, Mojotone is excited to announce the release of the Premium Historic Limited ’59 P.A.F. Humbucker Set, a painstaking re-creation of the legendary late-’50s Gibson P.A.F. humbuckers, the most desirable pickups of all time.

The Mojotone Premium Historic Limited ’59 P.A.F. Humbucker Set is the result of years of extensive tone-first R&D and the analysis of several stellar original late-’50s P.A.F.s. By ditching the hype and following the sound, Mojotone has created the Premium Historic ’59 P.A.F. using all vintage-correct components, and coils that are hand-wound to the precise layering and mis-matching of vintage P.A.F. coils to re-create a dynamic, articulate, harmonically rich, yet inspiringly clear set of neck and bridge humbuckers—all at an impressive circa-1959 price.

The Mojotone Premium Historic Limited ’59 P.A.F. Humbucker Set is available in limited quantities and is sold exclusively on Reverb.com.

$249.95 (per pair)


  • 7.1k ohm DCR Neck Pickup (Actual readings may vary slightly due to the nature of copper wire)
  • 8.2k ohm DCR Bridge Pickup (Actual readings may vary slightly due to the nature of copper wire)
  • Vintage-Correct Off-White Butyrate Bobbins
  • Field-Charged Rough Cast Alnico 2 Magnets
  • Un-Potted Coils
  • Vintage-Correct 49.2mm Spacing
  • Long-Leg Nickel Silver P.A.F. Mounting Frames
  • Wound with Mis-Matched Coils Like the Originals
  • Vintage-Correct 42AWG Plain Enamel Wire
  • Vintage-Correct Two-Strand External Braided Leads
  • Vintage-Correct Slotted Mounting Screws and Springs Included
  • Lifton-Style Solid Pine Brown Box with Original ’50s Pink Case Liner

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