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Orange Amplification Launches the O Bones Wireless Headphones

Orange Amplification Launches the O Bones Wireless Headphones

These wireless headphones transmit audio waves via facial bones to offer clear, clean mid and high pitch frequencies as well as deep bass tones.

The soft rubber cushions of the O Bones headphones are designed to sit on facial bones just in front of the user's ears. The vibrations created by music, voices and other sounds are then gently transmitted through the bones rather than air movement. Included in the advantages of this form of listening are being able to still hear external noises like traffic, conversations and other ambient sounds, the ability to blend sound so musicians can listen to their favourite track and hear as they play along to it.

The wireless Orange O Bones utilise 16mm speaker capsules to achieve a broad range of frequencies with surprisingly loud volume. Users not only hear the bass, they feel it, the mids are crystal clear and the highs are sharp and well defined. The ergo-dynamic design ensures a secure fit for comfortable listening whatever the activity. Powered by a lightweight rechargeable battery, the O Bones can deliver up to eight hours of listening time and can be fully charged within an hour using the USB-C cable included. The headphones voice control is compatible with Bluetooth 5.0, Siri/Google Assistant for truly hands-free use.

Available now at $103.00 USD. To find out more please go to