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Origin Effects Introduces the Halcyon Green Overdrive

Origin Effects Introduces the Halcyon Green Overdrive

An overdrive featuring "adaptive" circuitry allowing this simple pedal to adapt its voicing in response to pick attack and volume changes.

The Halcyon Green Overdrive Adapt switch allows this mid-forward voicing to gradually fade away as the pedal cleans up, giving you classic TS808 tone with your guitar cranked but revealing the full spectrum of your clean tone as you roll back the volume knob.

Despite being their simplest pedal yet, Origin Effects have given us a generous helping of tweakability, with two Adapt settings, a Dry level control for adjusting the clean signal and a choice of voicings. With the ability to select either the classic TS808 mid hump or a brighter, more focused presence peak, even full-bore Metal players can reap the benefits of the Halcyon Green Overdrive when tightening up their high-gain tones. All these extra features also help this pedal to work as a standalone overdrive, relying far less on your amp’s tone than the original. Of course, all the sounds of the stock Tube Screamer are available too, should you want them, recreated with Origin-level accuracy.

Halcyon Green Overdrive || Product Trailer

The Origin Effects Halcyon Green Overdrive is available now from Origin Effects dealers worldwide. Find out more at