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Xotic Pedals Introduces the Bass BB Preamp v1.5

Xotic Pedals Introduces the Bass BB Preamp v1.5

A versatile boost/overdrive designed specifically for bass players, the Bass BB preamp provides a variety of gain structures with up to 30dB+ boost.

Ideal for virtually any playing style, the Bass BB Preamp's gain knob can add a presence to your clean tone, or you can crank it up and enjoy everything from subtle break up to smooth distortion that never loses low-end definition.

New features include DC jack located at top of pedal, for easier positioning on crowded pedalboards. And most importantly, the pedal can run from 9 to 18 DC volts using an external power supply. This new feature offers more sonic versatility that is especially useful for bassists: as you increase external DC power voltage from 9 to 18 volts, your bass signal becomes less compressed and you’ll get more headroom. The new Bass BBPreamp 1.5 also includes a useful cosmetic upgrade: white “Top Hat” style knobs have been added for enhanced visibility on stage.

With its four-knob control set – Volume, Gain, Bass and Treble – the Bass BB preamp makes it easy to dial in a great bass tone no matter what amp you’re using.

  • Four knobs: Volume, Gain, Bass and Treble controls
  • True bypass foot switch
  • Top mounted AC power jack
  • 9- to 18-volt DC operation (battery compartment available for 9-volt operation)

Xotic’s Bass BB Preamp 1.5 has a $180 street price.

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