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PG Experience: Exclusive George Lynch Videos

Step Into the World of George Lynch

When we set out to feature George Lynch in our "PG Experience" series we knew we''d get exposed to a world that centers around gear and tone, we just didn''t realize how intense that experience would be. We''re talking desert air, aliens, impromptu bar jams and of course, lots of guitars, amps and effects. Below are the first videos in this series, check ''em out...

In this segment George talks about recording at his solar studio in the California desert.There''s something about the desert that helps George tap into mojo that just isn''t accessible in your typical studio. The dry air and the desolation offer an inspiring vibe while the setting itself is prime for wailing -- just imagine the sound of a wall of Randall Lynchbox 4x12''s echoing George''s licks against a canyon of boulders.

 Pioneer Town, California, is the setting for this impromptu blues jam. Musicians have hung out at Pappy & Harriet''s for decades - it''s an oasis for music, brew and food for the hippies, outlaws and desert folk who live in the area. It''s also where they get their mail. The band for the night was thrilled to have George jump up and play some blues with them.

The building you see to the left is called the Integratron and was built by a guy who thought it would help aliens refuel their space ship. We''re not making this up. Anyway, the building itself  has amazing acoustics, which is why George goes there to record clean tones and acoustic stuff.

Here''s clip of Premier Guitar''s Brett Petrusek demonstrating the reverb effect in the Integratron. Standing directly under the parabolic wood ceiling allows you to hear some amazing natural reverb and even some harmonic overtones. We''ve all emulated this effect with pedals -- it''s an entirely different thing to be standing in the middle of it with sound waves bouncing all around you.

Here''s a clip of George recording at the Integratron. In this version, the audio you hear is a mix of three room mics and a mic''d cab. (Soon we''ll be releasing a version of this clip with full band backing tracks) 

Here''s a walkthrough of many of the guitars at George''s Lynch Box Studios in L.A. George''s tech, Gerry Ganaden, gives Premier Guitar''s Brett Petrusek the scoop on their specs and back stories.

In this segment we take a look at some of the pedals and amps George uses, including his modular Randall Lynchbox head and his classic, bone-stock plexi.

George works with legendary amp guru and rig designer Dave Friedman to find new tones that are eventually incorporated into new modules for his Randall Lynchbox amp. Here we see George bringing in some funky Yugoslavian tubes to see how they sound with his plexi-inspired Brahma module. We roll back the tape so you can A/B the difference.

Here''s a video of us finding George Lynch''s solar studio in in the California desert. We got totally lost but heard him from about a mile away so we pulled out the video camera and started recording as we got closer.

Here''s the full band (w/ no vocals) version of George Lynch recording "Adeline" from the Souls of We release Let the Truth be Known. Check out our other version of this video to hear George''s guitar by itself -- the acoustics of the Integratron are amazing. In this video, George''s guitar is mixed through three mics and his direct line.

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