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Seymour Duncan Announces Alex Skolnick Signature Humbuckers

Seymour Duncan Announces Alex Skolnick Signature Humbuckers

Seymour Duncan announces the Alex Skolnick Signature Humbuckers, Warren DeMartini RTM, Exciter and Little '78 pickups.

Alex Skolnick Signature Humbuckers

Emerging in the late '80s as the teenage prodigy of thrash metal legends Testament, Alex Skolnick immediately established himself as one of the genre’s premier guitarists. In 2002, after earning a degree from New School University, he crossed over into jazz with the Alex Skolnick Trio and numerous other instrumental collaborations.

Designed with Alex for his signature guitar, these humbuckers have been a popular Custom Shop made-to-order set. Both pickups complement the expressive melodies and aggressive palm muting that define his genre-spanning tone. The bridge pickup is wound hot and designed to emphasize midrange frequencies. The neck humbucker is lower output and vintage voiced to deliver an articulate counterbalance to the boldness of the bridge pickup.

Warren DeMartini RTM

​The driving force behind Ratt’s metal anthems like “Round and Round” and “Lay It Down”, Warren DeMartini quickly solidified his status as a best-in-class lead guitarist and songwriter. Recognized for his inventive and technically gifted guitar work, his multi-platinum songs set the bar high for aspiring players as the band churned out hit after hit and dominated radio and TV in the 1980s.

The Warren DeMartini RTM ("Rattus Tonius Maximus") is a high-output bridge humbucker with an Alnico 2 magnet. It was designed to produce aggressive and balanced tones that complement the complex chord voicings and precision solos Warren is known for.


​The Exciter bridge humbucker, based on the highly sought-after tone from the early 80s, is designed to harken back to the era's signature sound. Loaded with a high-output Ceramic magnet, The Exciter is voiced to deliver powerful dimensions, bold harmonics, and firepower that define the glam rock's heyday. Roll back the volume a bit and the tone is transparent enough for classic slightly gritty tones.

Little '78

Sometime in '78, Eddie Van Halen gave Seymour Duncan a P.A.F. to experiment with, along with instructions to rewind it with the intent to enhance the reproduction of artificial harmonics and “hot wind” a little for some extra “juice”.

The Little '78 Strat is the single-coil version of that experiment. The magnet and output combination lends itself to a warm crunch with biting leads and overtone-laden tapped runs. While this was not the final destination for Eddie, it offers players the opportunity to revisit a waypoint in the early days of his legendary pursuit of the ultimate tone.

If you’re a player who demands a high-performance tone the Little '78 Strat just may be your ticket.

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